Read the eBooks (Mastering Custom Field Formulas in MS Project and Using MS Project's Built-in Functions in Formulas) to learn the custom field formulas, but take this course to master it !


UPDATE: Online course video will be available soon this year, along with sample materials.


Course Description

Even though MS Project contains plenty of the data fields of various types and categories presenting the planned, scheduled and actual project data interpreted in many different ways to the users, one might still need some custom information that is not directly available in the existing fields. MS Project is a highly customizable application such that it enables us to build our own formulas in the custom fields in order to perform further operations on the existing data to produce some new data needed. This feature was added to the product with the version 2000.


Using built-in functions in the formulas extends the capability of the custom field formulas beyond performing arithmetic calculations. The built-in functions produce data which would otherwise be difficult or even impossible to obtain by using plain formulas. Some built-in functions even enable us to implement simple decision-making in formulas.


In this course, you will find out how to develop custom field formulas in order to perform calculations on a project’s task and resource data. Once you learn how to build formulas correctly by using the built-in functions explored and the formula techniques explained in the course, you can easily develop your own set of formulas for many different purposes in your project environment.


English will be used in the presentation and course materials. English version of MS Project Professional 2019 running on a system with <US English> locale will be used for demonstrations during the course.



Who Should Attend
Mastering Custom Field Formulas in MS Project is a one-day hands-on course developed for the professionals, who currently have advanced skills to use MS Project desktop as a planning and scheduling tool in managing projects; and who also want to learn how to make effective use of the custom field formulas while working on the project data. This course is also suitable for the MS Project trainers who want to include this topic in their MS Project desktop curriculum.


Content was prepared for MS Project Standard/Professional 2013/2016/2019, but the users of the earlier desktop versions supporting this feature (2003, 2007 and 2010) can also join the course.



Why You Should Attend This Course

The custom field formulas are mostly used to process projects' date and time information. Sooner or later, you will need to develop and use a custom field formula containing some combination of date values, date field references and MS Project’s built-in date and time functions in order to analyze the dates in a project schedule further in some way, since tracking a project requires focusing on the dates on schedules constantly. 


By attending this course, you will learn how to utilize this advanced feature that will improve your productivity while working on the dates and times as well as the other kinds of project data such as duration, work, cost and text. You will also gain a better understanding of how MS Project handles project data in the background. Also you will have a huge set of formulas to use in your work.



Prerequisites & Course Requirements

The course does not require programming skills but the participants must have basic math knowledge and skills to write formulas or expressions for other purposes. Participants must be able to enter and edit custom field formulas in MS Project and must have skills to navigate through MS Project's user interface elements associated with the custom field formulas.


Software is not included in the course materials. Participants must join the seminar with their own notebook computers on which MS Project has already been installed and updated with the latest public update. Participants can use the version of product in their language during the course, but they must be familiar with the field names and the user interface elements of MS Project in English.



Course Materials

Participants will receive a copy of the eBook Mastering Custom Field Formulas in Microsoft® Office Project as well as the lab exercise sheet and the mpp files of the lab exercise.



Other Details

This is an on-site training course which is available to be held at almost any major location in the world. If you want to arrange this training course at your premises, please contact via email for information on references, detailed course outline and classroom hours, the number and profile of participants, classroom requirements, pricing and suitable dates; and also in order to check for the availability of the course at your particular location.



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